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cunova receives TÜV certificate for PCF of mould tubes

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Tom Beyer (left) and Dr Alexander Beel with the newly issued TÜV certificate for the product carbon footprint of mould tubes from cunova.

cunova receives TÜV certificate for PCF of mould tubes

Product Carbon Footprint:global market leader gears up for market of the future

Osnabrück, (12 January 2024).cunova GmbH, the world’s leading company for the manufacture of customer-specific copper and copper alloy products, has received the TÜV certificate for the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of its mould tubes.

The TÜV certificate was awarded on the basis of a comprehensive study performed in accordance with the international standard ISO 14067:2018. The study is a core element of a Master’s thesis entitled “Ecological audit of copper products using the example of mould tubes”, successfully submitted by working student Alina Rahe in August 2023 at the University of Münster. “She assessed the greenhouse gas emissions of our mould tubes across their entire life cycle – from production to recycling – and confirmed the effectiveness of our innovative recycling principle” explains Dr Alexander Beel, who supervised the certification process as a member of the Product Development and Digitalisation department. The process has also created a foundation for determining the PCFs of other product groups.

Sales opportunities are developing too. “We are proud that this certificate confirms that our products not only fulfil the highest quality standards, but also play a positive role in the global concept of sustainability”, emphasises Tom Beyer, Head of Sales Mould Tubes. A few customers have already requested to see the Product Carbon Footprint calculation. It is to be assumed that business partner requirements will evolve in the future and demand will increase accordingly. “We are offering a strong selling point and preparing ourselves for the market of the future”, says Beyer.

Alongside the cunova “Return your mould” concept for recycling moulds, PCF certification is another key step towards climate-friendly steelwork, a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable product solutions for the industry. It underlines cunova’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to minimise the environmental impact of its products.