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ACI Copper Index

Maritime Applications

The sea and its atmosphere are among the most corrosive environments on earth. The Marine Applications business area manufactures pipes and fittings for shipbuilding, offshore and onshore installations, and industrial plants in coastal areas.


Durable Products in highly corrosive Environments

For decades we have been supplying a unique range of seawater-resistant seamless or longitudinally welded pipes and pipeline components, which we manufacture as standard parts or develop and produce to match our customers' individual specifications.

These are made from copper-nickel alloys - a seawater-resistant material that is far superior to stainless steel or GRP components where there is contact with seawater.


Such alloys have excellent processing properties for the construction of plants and on site or on board, for example.

Our OSNA®-10 and OSNA®-30 alloys conform to all major international standards. Because we maintain tight tolerance limits in the composition of the materials, the pipes and components also have excellent cold formability and weldability.

Seawater resistant pipe systems


Our seawater-resistant large pipes, which have diameters of up to 40 inches and delivery lengths of up to 6 m, have been used successfully on seagoing vessels for decades.

On water and on land

Offshore & Onshore

Our piping systems and fittings in sea-water resistant copper-nickel alloys prove their worth day after day on offshore production facilities such as drilling rigs, production platforms and FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units).

Our products also protect equipment in coastal areas, for example in seawater desalination plants or industrial plants, from seawater corrosion.


Tube Bundles

Our OSNALINE® tube bundles have set new standards worldwide.

With our stranding machine, we produce tube bundles in delivery lengths of up to 2,000 m that are individually configured to customer requirements. They contain up to 19 components made from different materials. They reduce installation effort and waste, particularly where long distances are involved - an important factor when you consider that modern ships are several hundred metres long.