14.06.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.055,45
13.06.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.055,25
14.06.2024 | LME in €/100kg € 902,21
14.06.2024 | LME in USD/Ton $ 0,00
14.06.2024 | EUR/USD € 0,00000

ACI Copper Index

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cunova: global presence and first-class service with customised products and solutions made of copper and copper alloys. With our quality standards and innovative strength as well as our uncompromising customer and service orientation, we are a global leader in many product sectors. 

Let's create future!

We understand that we need to shape the future of the industry together with our customers and other external stakeholders. We summarise our demands on quality, cooperation, customer and service focus and innovative strength with a concise guiding principle: Let's create future! 

First-class products and solutions made of copper and copper alloys.
Always close to you. 

Trust in our quality

Global Leader

Our customised products and solutions made of copper and copper alloys are known throughout the industry for their outstanding quality. This claim extends across all areas of the company and our customers can rely on us to maintain our high quality standards. This trust is reflected in our market share: we are the global leader in many product segments. 

Our Team

More than 1,450 passionate Employees

More than 1,450 employees work for cunova worldwide in the four business divisions Melting & Casting Technologies, Industrial Applications, Maritime Applications and Service Division. 705 of them enrich our company at our headquarters in Osnabrück. You can find out more about working at cunova in our careers section. 

Our vacancies

Globally represented

First-class service - wherever you need it

We have a global presence with our group of companies. With nine of our own sales, service and production locations in Germany, the USA, Spain, Italy, India, Mexico, Turkey, China and Ukraine, we offer our customers innovative solutions and customised service directly on site. 

Close to you

70 representatives in all markets

With a sales network of 70 representatives operating in all relevant markets around the world, we are able to offer you first-class service at all times. Whether you are based in Europe, North, Central or South America, Asia, Australia or Africa, you will always find a contact person from us near you. On our contact page you will find an overview of all our worldwide contacts.

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Financial Statement


Our quality standards, our innovative strength and our uncompromising customer and service orientation are also reflected in our sales. Last year, we achieved sales of around 440 million euros with our products and solutions.