17.05.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.116,23
16.05.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.105,01
17.05.2024 | LME in €/100kg € 958,87
17.05.2024 | LME in USD/Ton $ 0,00
17.05.2024 | EUR/USD € 0,00000

ACI Copper Index

Welcome to the world of cunova



Dear Business Partners,

Since the beginning of last year, our company has been undergoing an exciting transformation. With the acquisition of the majority stake in the Special Division by the investment company Paragon Partners, we have positioned ourselves on the market as an independent group of companies. Our newly acquired autonomy brings with it promising opportunities, a positive outlook, and a fresh set of goals. This includes major investments in our machinery and IT infrastructure, and a restructuring of our process and system landscape to optimise performance. This step towards independence enables us to be even more responsive to the individual needs of our business partners. 

A stable framework for our new corporate format has been established. Now it is important to markan important milestone in the identity with a new company name, cunova GmbH. 

Admittedly, it‘s a bold move to break away from a well-known brand like KME. With the new name, we want to mark the start of a new era in which we combine the company‘s 150-year tradition with our commitment to future-oriented business development. We are convinced that under the new framework conditions we will be able to maximise our innovative strength and leverage the potential of our service- and customer-oriented processes even more efficiently and rapidly. 

And it is important to us that although our name is changing, we remain committed to our performance standards: We offer the best quality, top service and innovative solutions for your business. 

We look forward to continuing to support you in the market with products and solutions tailored to your needs. Cunova is your strongest sparring partner in shaping the future of our industry.

In order to make a clear reference to our origins in the marketplace, we have decided to add “formerly KME Special Products & Solutions” to our brand.

Best wishes

Werner Stegmüller (CEO)