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ACI Copper Index

Copper powder: innovation and technology

Copper powders are becoming increasingly important when it comes to manufacturing processes such as the additive manufacturing of metals. With modern PBF-LB/M technology, it is possible to process copper/alloys with the appropriate laser configuration. This makes it possible to produce complex components that are difficult to realise with conventional manufacturing. The specification of the cunova copper powders can be customised for other additive processes such as binder jetting or DED (direct energy deposition).

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Innovations & Technologies

The versatility of copper powder

Copper powder is used in areas such as the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors. Thanks to its many years of experience with copper and copper alloys, cunova GmbH offers high-quality copper powders that meet current specifications and can therefore provide customised solutions for all aspects of copper powder applications.

Why copper powder?

Due to its high conductivity, copper/copper alloys are suitable for electrical components, heat exchangers or combustion chambers. The fine distribution of the components in the microstructure enables high mechanical properties to be achieved in additive manufacturing. Sustainability is also an important aspect, as the powder can be recycled and thus returned to the material cycle.

A look behind the scenes: Production of copper powder

The cunova copper powders are produced by gas atomisation followed by sieving and air classifying processes. This ensures that the cunova copper powders have spherical particles, optimum particle sizes and a good particle size distribution. Further test criteria are chemical composition, flowability and moisture.

Quality assurance: Required specification of copper powders

Copper powders are specified according to standard test and quality procedures. The most important procedures include testing the chemical composition, oxygen content, particle size distribution, morphology, moisture, flowability and bulk density. Further information can be found in the material data sheet for cunova copper powder.

Applications of copper powder

cunova copper powder is used in many areas:


combustion chambers, heat exchangers, electrical components


heat exchangers, induction coils, stators


Hairpin stators, windings, electrical components


Other areas

injection moulds, paints/paints, electrical components in household appliances and much more.


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