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KME Special Products & Solutions now called cunova

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KME Special Products & Solutions now called cunova

Market leader embraces future by acquiring new name

Osnabrück.KME Special Products & Solutions GmbH has officially been operating on the market under the name cunova GmbH since the beginning of this month. Following its carve-out from the KME Group, this rebranding marks another milestone for the market leader in customised products and solutions of copper and copper alloys.

Acquisition of the majority stake in the Special Division by investment company Paragon Partners at the beginning of 2022 has enabled KME Special Products & Solutions GmbH to position itself on the market as an independent group of companies. This positioning also includes renaming of the company to cunova GmbH. The new name was rolled out during an internal event at company headquarters in Osnabrück.

The rebranding was “a necessary project not only because of trademark law. The new company name cunova is also an important milestone in creating our own identity,” emphasised CEO Werner Stegmüller in his speech to staff. At the same time, cunova is acknowledging its roots with the addition “formerly KME Special Products & Solutions” to the new name.

The newly attained autonomy brings with it promising opportunities, a positive sense of change and exciting new goals. According to Werner Stegmüller, this includes significant investments in machinery and IT infrastructure as well as restructuring of processes and systems.

“With the new name, we hope to herald the start of a new era that sees us combining the 150-year tradition of the company with our aim to shape the future together with our customers and business partners,” emphasises Stegmüller. In future, the company will be even better poised to fully develop its innovative strength and its high standards of quality and service.

For Daniel Hopkins, Head of Marketing and Project Manager for the rebranding process, the “New Brand” project is still far from complete. “Over the past 13 months, we have built the foundations, walls and roof for cunova. Now is the time to move into the new house together and fill it with life,” enthuses 45-year-old Hopkins. It is an “extremely significant event” that cunova employees are able to experience. Very few people ever have the opportunity to so intimately accompany such an exciting venture in their professional life, he emphasises while simultaneously expressing his thanks for the support and backing from all company divisions.

cunova will make its first major début under the new name at METEC 2023 in Düsseldorf. “We look forward to opportunities such as inviting industry representatives to a stand event where we can present our exciting transformation story in an extraordinary way,” says Werner Stegmüller. He does not wish to reveal any more at this time, as the plans include a certain element of surprise.